Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

The biggest waterfall in the world. With the weekend off, we decided to go see what we are living next to! One the way we saw an elephant and I screamed entering the park when a baboon just walked past me. WHAT. A BABOON. Wasn’t expecting that. Then I fell in love. baby baboons are just like little human babies. adorable.

The falls were INCREDIBLE. I saw that loudly. Like really really beautiful. I shouldn’t compare but for me, you times the beauty of the Grand Canyon by like 50 and then you get to the beauty of Victoria falls. It’s just so beautiful. The vast forest of unique trees, the Scotland like mist, backdrop of green hilly mountainous landscape, with the noise of the powerful water falling. Then of course, baby baboons on every corner. Spectacular.

There are various hikes, and the 2nd one we did was much closer to the actual waterfall, which meant we were in the result of the heavy falling water, a heavy shower! I’m not kidding at all when I say I had a 15 minute shower. I was dripping from head to toe and I loved it! It was warm outside so didn’t really phase me too much. though it did phase my camera, but after some prayers and drying off, it is fine.

I’m sure we’ll be back. It’s hard to realize that most people living around here probably haven’t even been to the big beauty so close to them. But costing $20 to get in, and the travel to get there would be just too much for most people.

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